Sprouted Violet Catering:  Providing meals made with love for your event

Organizer or Group Contact
Organizer or Group Contact
Meal Choice
Gratitude Circle *
Please describe any special requests
Please describe any requests regarding quiet times, privacy during activities, break times, use of kitchen during evening hangout, use of the kitchen as storage space for participants. This helps me to plan my timing of blender use, putting away large items and storage, and when to leave kitchen sparkling.
Please describe or send pictures of the kitchen space and resources. This can also be discussed over the phone.
Insurance Coverage
Does your insurance cover food during your event?
Please describe refrigeration, freezer, and dry storage space available.
Overnight accommodation
Will I have a private room to stay overnight? I wake up at 5:30 or 6am to prepare breakfast and don't want to wake others. I also snore.
Please describe where the kitchen is located in relation to the main entrance, unloading dock, bathrooms, gathering space, rooms. A general description is fine. It is helpful to know so I can plan around group flow and needs.
Please list budget details here.
Please list earliest time for arrival and set-up and latest time for departure and clean-up
Please list all special diet requests. Please list details by individual. Supply contact information for anyone with severe allergies.
Please list any other requests or information that will help me to provide you with an excellent eating experience! Thank you for taking the time to communicate your wishes with me.
Coffee, Tea, Snacks, dessert