Coaching Manifesto:

Stepping into my coaching role is my part in a cultural revolution towards a future where people live and work together in community.  I am called to be a coach in order to continue my search for the meaning of community in all its forms: family, neighborhood, work, friends, strangers, communion with God.

My core principles for practicing a healthy relationship with self, other, planet:

  • Not being limited by our beliefs: commitment to something larger than self and the things we currently know; full embrace of all that exists in the world.  Building a common vision or committing to a common purpose. Accepting life as mystery.
  • Confronting our shadow: healthy, honest sharing and communication; cultivating interdependence. I believe that vulnerability, trust, and intimacy in the expression of our deepest wounds and shadows are essential to healthy connection.
  • Integrating all parts: integrating the dark and light side of ourselves, giving room for all aspects of ourselves, and sharing honestly with others is necessary for us to learn to live with and truly accept one another.
  • Living out deeper purpose: articulating and embodying one's own gifts and passions by actualizing our unique purpose in the world.

Why i am a coach:

I want to share my vision of healthy community with people who desire to live real and authentic lives.

I desire to see more authenticity, love, and community in the world.

I look forward to spending each day working with people who are building these practices into their lives, creating community and cultivating a new culture and society.