"Mira is a delightful and caring coach and she has a very comfortable way of engaging with people and creating a gentle process to accomplish goals. Mira has exceptional communication skills, and she tuned in easily about what I need and where I want to grow.  It has been deeply rewarding to work with Mira."  
H.A. Northampton, MA
"Mira is a such a source of wisdom and compassion. Her passion and interest in the details of my life has been so refreshing and her advice has stayed with me, it has become a part of the matrix of how I see myself. I feel blessed to have Mira on my side and in my life as a coach."
A.B. Northampton, MA
"I felt fortunate to have been coached by Mira.  She has been excellent in helping me go deeper by asking questions and listening, not only to my words, but the underlying emotions.  Mira herself thrives on her own growth and as such, is a great role model for those seeking to develop their potential.  She is encouraging and a wonderful guide to have at your side."
C.H. Brattleboro, VT      


Mira Nussbaum

Cultivating and Devoting to a Spiritual Practice

Trained in Meditation, Nonviolent Communication, Re-Evaluation Counseling,  Nature Mentoring, and Psychosynthesis I have had a unquenchable thirst for tools and skills to help understand how people work and how people can work together.  I have worked for three years on a Shadow Work support team and have seven years of experience as a staff member at the Art of Mentoring, an annual program dedicated to creating a living culture of awareness and nature connection.  In my own life I have over a decade of committed spiritual practice that has helped me to live a more satisfying and fulfilling life.  I have 25 years experience journaling and writing as a means of self discovery and expression, as well as over a decade of practice applying NVC and The Four Agreements into my relations with friends and family. I meditate daily and have a strong community of friends and elders from whom I seek guidance and mentoring.  

Feeding people's spirits, spaces, bodies, and minds

I have spent the last 15 years bringing my love of people and respect for the sacred and personal into my work as a professional cook, artist, and home organizer/cleaner.  Since 2000, I have worked with dozens of clients cleaning, organizing, and making their home function better.  Since founding Silk Stories in 2000, I have painted over 200 silk paintings, many of them personalized or for special occasions. My catering business, Sprouted Violet, flourishes as I prepare soulful meals with mission and purpose.  Though one might think cleaning houses or cooking for people is just another job, to me these acts are pure prayer.  I have spent much of my time offering these services to people in my close community, and it is important for me to come with an open and clear heart as I bring spirit and sacredness into their homes or their bodies.  By incorporating Silk Stories and Sacred Spaces into my coaching I think that Call of Self is a more direct and synthesized way to offer similar gifts and results. 

I couldn’t imagine myself any other place than here.  It is as if this is the job I was destined to create. With all the places I have been and the resources I have gathered along the way, this only makes sense as the next step in my journey.

Researching and Building Community

I was first introduced to the idea of committing to something larger than myself when I joined the Interfaith Pilgrimage of the Middle Passage, an activist peace walk which moved as a living prayer for one year.  A group of 20-60 folks, inspired by a vision, came together to share prayer, ceremony, walking, sleeping, eating and deep inner work.  After this journey, I became curious about community and what it takes to commit to a vision and live and work with people. I traveled to many intentional communities throughout the country to find what are the core components that allow people to grow within themselves while growing together.  I have studied permaculture and systems thinking for the past 15 years, which gave me deep insight of how groups and systems work.  I have worked with Seed System's,  a sustainability consulting firm based in systems thinking, for the past three years.  For over a decade I have lived at and managed programs and operations at conference centers where education and spiritual growth was central to the everyday life of the residents and participants of retreats and workshops.